UNC Milford Project

Love.War.Science.Puberty.Science.In that order.

MILFORD Goes Local

Three words: Rehearsal is fun.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no easy task to learn the choreography, all the right notes and make it funny all at the same time, but we are getting there.  More importantly, we are having a great time exploring and creating this show.

But here is the coolest thing, each week cast members are driving to Woods Charter Middle School where they meet with two science classes of sixth graders.  Apparently, the kids have been so excited that UNC students have been visiting them! The middle-schoolers are taking a few science projects from the script and working on them at school.  The most exciting part is that we are going to have a real life science fair in the Center for Dramatic Art the day the show opens.  Each project will judged and awards will be given by UNC Chemistry and Physics students!  Our team is thrilled to be working with these great kids and we are truly looking forward to seeing their projects at the end of the month!

In the past week, we’ve had two of our very own cast members travel to auditions! It is so inspiring to see these actors working so hard on the show and on their future careers, which are sure to be filled with many more great roles! We are proud of you Stephanie and Bryan and wish you the best of luck in the future.

After our production meeting on Thursday, I am confident that the set is going to look pretty fantastic. Our crew is working hard every day to create a set that really lets our troupe play with the commedia not only in their acting, but with the set as well.  I know Scott and myself are truly impressed with the designers and their work on such an innovative and impressive set design.

I’m sitting here in rehearsal as I write this and I keep losing my train of thought because I am laughing constantly.  Something I really appreciate and I’m sure that everyone in the room appreciates is the creative and open environment that has been established since day one.  Mistakes are valued because sometimes they lead to a new idea or a laugh.

So, make sure you get your tickets (here) because you DO NOT want to miss this show!




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