UNC Milford Project

Love.War.Science.Puberty.Science.In that order.

Creative Team

Scott Ripley


Scott graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy last year, was a bombardier (A-6 Intruder) in VA-35, went to grad school (Acting) at UCSD last month, and started teaching yesterday.  He is currently developing his own calendar — which starts and ends on Day One — and working on his Doctorate in the Comical Sciences.  Today he learned that surprise is funny, and that moving on the punchline is not.  Tomorrow he’ll learn that everything he learned yesterday was wrong.



Melissa Parker

Assistant Director

This is probably the tenth production Melissa’s had something to do with at UNC, but it’s her first time assistant-directing, and it’s been a little cray-cray!  But totally worth it.  She’s a junior Dramatic Arts major and Creative Writing Minor.  She’s currently inhaling the fumes from Mr. Zach Meicher-Buzzi’s Powerbar which is making it difficult to concentrate right now.  She hopes everyone enjoys the show!  (Everyone who doesn’t is probably a nazi.)



Zach Meicher-Buzzi

Stage Manager

Zach is a Junior Dramatic Arts major and a Producing Director for the LAB! Theatre / Department of Dramatic Art.  After leaving school, he hopes to become a professional stage manager. Then again, he’s never ruled out becoming an 80’s hair stylist (Its coming back) . He is a rabid fan of Arrested Development and Swing Dancing.




Natalie Feingold

Assistant Stage Manager

Natalie is delighted, just delighted, no really, simply delighted to be working as the assistant stage manager for her first production with LAB! theater. Although in high school she ran a tight ship as a stage manager and technical director, this year she has promised not to equate theater to the navy. Oh, and did I mention she’s delighted?


Rebecca Black

Associate Producer

Rebecca Black is a senior Dramatic Art major with a minor in Advertising.  This is her first production with LAB! and is thrilled to be working with Scott and everyone on the East Coast debut of The Milford Project! On campus, Rebecca is involved with Pauper Players where she will be producing Grease later this semester and is member of the Executive Board.  In the spring of 2011, Rebecca traveled to London where she spent four wonderful months being fabulous, going to the theatre and traveling all over Europe.  After graduation in May, Rebecca plans to move to New York or London to produce musicals professionally.  Thanks to the incredible cast, crew, Scott Ripley, Zach (for answering all my questions) and everyone else in my life, especially my mom, Cindy, whom without I would never have found the joy in theatre.

Michelle Belleamy

Costume Designer

Michelle Bellamy is a Senior Dramatic Arts major with a concentration in costumes from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is very excited to have worked on such a unique show, and is grateful for Playmakers Repertory Company and the contributions of the cast for their help.




Joseph Amodei

Light Designer

Joseph Amodei is currently a Junior pursuing a BFA in studio art and minors in music and philosophy. Joseph is a light designer and has worked with The Department of Dramactic Arts at UNC, Playmakers, Pauper Players, the Cats Craddle, and the Carrboro Arts Center. He is also an infamous painter under the name Jackson Picasso. In his spare time Joseph plays music with his folk band Swee-T and the Hushpuppies, loiters at coffee shops, and enjoys walks in the park and at the beach.

Travis Wright

Sound Designer

Travis Wright is excited to be back working with the UNC Drama Department on the Milford Project as the Sound Designer/Foley Artist. His previous work includes Three Days of Rain with Ground UP Productions and Under Construction with the Department of Dramatic Art here at UNC. Most recently he designed and mixed Guys and Dolls with Pauper players. He would like to thank his family for allowing him to see where life can take him and his friends for pushing him to be the best he can be.

Madison Scott

Assistant Scenic Designer/Props Master

Madison Scott is a sophomore Global Studies (Middle East) and Dramatic Art double major. She has acted in three LAB! productions at UNC, and is enjoying the foray into the design side of things. It’s certainly been fun to watch the process of this show and gaze adoringly at the talented team of people involved. She loves Arabic, lemons, travel, and writing everything down. EVERYTHING.


Grace Lloyd

Music Director

Grace Lloyd (Music Director) is currently a Senior pursuing a Music degree in Piano Performance.  This is her first production with Lab! Theatre, having previously music directed for UNC Pauper Players shows like Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity, Into the Woods, and Wild Party among others. When she has free time from composing glorious symphonies and just being a music prodigy in general, she enjoys the sweet, sweet sounds of Glenn Miller.  Thanks to the whole family, friends, and the whole cast & crew!  Break legs!


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